Critical Care Drips

Seller : Vargo Anesthesia


This “Critical Care Drips” application uses the same format as the #1 selling Anesthesia Drip App. It has been modified specifically for Critical Care Medicine.

This app has more drugs than any other drip app on the market!
You simply click the 2 links of the drug you are seeking and you have your information!

Within “TWO” clicks, you are given the following:
Pharmacology notes (simplified)
How to mix the drips (if needed)
Drip doses and ranges
Pre-calculated dose tables
Sample drip equations

No spinning wheels or typing in a weight.
No entering drug concentrations and doses.


Danny Dev | 12 July 2014, 11:10

Very user friendly. I used to have the nike run app but I never used it because when I tried playing music whether from steaming or whatever's on my phone the nike run app would stop so I was constantly stopping and going, more stopping for sure! With the map my run app,it works perfectly, plays any music I want, and it shows how much calories I've burned. The app only stops when I press the button.


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