Differential Diagnosis Pro

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This app is the upgraded version of Differential Diagnosis. It is advertisement free. Differential diagnosis allows one to enter multiple clinical symptoms into a problem list that is then cross referenced with a disease-symptom database to create a list of possible diagnoses. The terms used are from SNOMED-CT. This pro version also uses Prefered Synonyms, Fully Specified Terms, and Non-prefered Synonyms while the free version only uses Fully Specified Terms which are the lesser used clinically. It also uses a more sophisticated algorithm while you enter symptoms in the search bar. It offers many more suggestions based on your input than does the free version. Further a more sophisticated scoring technique is implemented. When you enter a symptom, related symptoms that are less specific are also used to enhance the differential diagnosis. These relationships are based on those already built into the SNOMED-CT database. We use fuzzy logic in this app which more closely resembles clinical/medical reasoning. ICD-10 and SNOMED-CT codes are also displayed when diseases are tapped.


Danny Dev | 12 July 2014, 11:10

Very user friendly. I used to have the nike run app but I never used it because when I tried playing music whether from steaming or whatever's on my phone the nike run app would stop so I was constantly stopping and going, more stopping for sure! With the map my run app,it works perfectly, plays any music I want, and it shows how much calories I've burned. The app only stops when I press the button.


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