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The Pediatric App contains comprehensive guidelines on important and commonly seen pediatric illness, organized in a short, comprehensive, and tabular format. The app includes diagnostic and treatment guidelines, management algorithms, useful scores and scales, and drug administration tables detailing latest commonly used pediatrics medications.
The content of our Pediatric app is presented using a new, innovative user interface that is elegant, intuitive and simple to use. Features includegesture-based navigation, bookmarking and annotation functions, indexed and full text searching, and numerous interactive pediatricscales and scores.


Danny Dev | 12 July 2014, 11:10

Very user friendly. I used to have the nike run app but I never used it because when I tried playing music whether from steaming or whatever's on my phone the nike run app would stop so I was constantly stopping and going, more stopping for sure! With the map my run app,it works perfectly, plays any music I want, and it shows how much calories I've burned. The app only stops when I press the button.


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