The Intuitive Body: Discovering the Wisdom of Conscious Embodiment and Aikido

Seller : Mobifusion, Inc.


The Intuitive Body draws on the principles of the non-aggressive Japanese martial art aikido and meditation to present a fresh approach to cultivating awareness, attention, and self-acceptance. This app shows readers through basic practice and partner exercises how to become more aware of the body and trust its innate wisdom. She introduces exercises from the Conscious Embodiment and Intuition Training program she pioneered, connection movement, meditation, and breathing. These exercises form a daily practice that can help the process of integration, of deepening and unifying the self, and learning to deal with fear and anger. This app is ideal for users who are already engaged in the process of becoming, as well as for those who are looking for ways to find the courage to begin.


Danny Dev | 12 July 2014, 11:10

Very user friendly. I used to have the nike run app but I never used it because when I tried playing music whether from steaming or whatever's on my phone the nike run app would stop so I was constantly stopping and going, more stopping for sure! With the map my run app,it works perfectly, plays any music I want, and it shows how much calories I've burned. The app only stops when I press the button.


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