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The SICHP Rapid Weight Loss Programme consists of a full-length, professional and powerful hypnotic recording combined with access to our online Rapid Weight Loss Club on Facebook.

The SICHP Rapid Weight Loss hypnotic recording has been specially designed and recorded to achieve weight loss - FAST! We have put our 23 years of professional experience in weight loss along with powerfully relaxing hypnotic suggestions into this one extraordinary weight loss recording. This hypnotic recording is designed to be listened to once daily for 7-14 days to achieve amazing results. Noticeable results will be seen in as little as 7 days.

Diets do not work! You may lose weight at the beginning but eventually, your body will pile on the pounds when you stop dieting or when willpower takes over. Our Rapid Weight Loss Programme requires no willpower or conscious effort on your part. Simply play the recording once daily for at least 7 days and you can expect to lose an average of 3 to 4 lbs per week, safely and without effort.

The SICHP Rapid Weight Loss recording can be listened to in bed at night for best results. Falling asleep during the recording is perfectly natural. If this occurs, your mind will still listen and respond to achieve great results.

You may also listen to this recording at any time you are sure you will not be disturbed. Please never listen when you are driving or operating machinery, due to the deep state of relaxation this recording induces. Recording Length: 39 minutes

What this recording will do for you:
Help you lose weight rapidly
Teach you how to relax deeply
Improve your body image
Improve your self-confidence
Boost your metabolism
Reduce your appetite
Think positively about health
Increase your motivation
Improve your relationship with food
Improve your relationship with your body
Achieve great and long-lasting results!

SICHP Rapid Weight Loss Club (Facebook)
The SICHP Rapid Weight Loss Club gives you complete access to our special online support group. You will meet other members who are also losing weight with the Rapid Weight Loss method and will receive daily tips, tricks and advice to help you reach your goal fast. Full professional support is always available in the club and our friendly customer service and help will ensure you lose weight rapidly.

Access to the SICHP Rapid Weight Loss Club is available to you at any time and you can request an invitation once your purchase has been completed, simply by emailing us. You are never alone and have all the support you need to lose weight successfully. Help is always on hand in the SICHP Rapid Weight Loss Club!

What our customers say:
Cat @ Sun, 27 Apr 2014 18:07:11:
Here we go... Yes, it does work! How, I don't really know, but it does work. My trousers are not quite falling off yet, I lost about 4 lbs in 10 days. Think that it incredible since I'm not on a diet, don't feel like I'm depriving myself of anything. Still eat sweets, but I'm able to stop after a bit instead of munching down the whole bar of chocolate. Very happy with this! If you have not started yet: give it a go!!! Thanks, Eric! X

Nicola @ Sat, 26 Apr 2014 21:49:18:
I have been listening to the recording for 3 nights now and it's amazing. I am sleeping a lot better which means I wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world :). I haven't had chocolate, crisps or fizzy juice at all and that in itself is a big thing for me. I find myself fuller quicker and I'm taking smaller portions for dinner and lunch. I feel better about myself and not so bloated either. All this in 3 days wow !! Starting the gym again on Monday now that I don't feel tired all the time, roll on the summer :) x

Kirsty @ Sat, 26 Apr 2014 16:07:21:
2 weeks in and lost 8lb and haven't touched fizzy juice at all .... have slept 12 out of 14 nights and that in itself is a big thing for me . No cravings for junk food eating 3 meals a day and hardly anything in between!


Danny Dev | 12 July 2014, 11:10

Very user friendly. I used to have the nike run app but I never used it because when I tried playing music whether from steaming or whatever's on my phone the nike run app would stop so I was constantly stopping and going, more stopping for sure! With the map my run app,it works perfectly, plays any music I want, and it shows how much calories I've burned. The app only stops when I press the button.


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